Unmarried partner visa explained

Unmarried partner visa explained

The UK defacto visa, or as most people call it – unmarried partner visa, lets the unmarried partner stay or just enter the United Kingdom based on the fact that they are in a serious relationship with an individual who lives in the UK. The legal definition is Settled in the United Kingdom which means a person who is a common resident in the United Kingdom without any immigration limitations related to the length of stay.

Unmarried partner visa – things you should know

It is good to know that this unmarried partner visa is available to heterosexual and homosexual relationships. The only thing that these partners have to do is to provide evidence that they are in a real relationship that lasts for at least two years.

In case your application for this type of visa is accepted then you will have the right to work in the United Kingdom from the moment this visa is issued.

Of course, if you want to apply for an unmarried partner visa, you have to meet some requirements. First of all, you and your partner must be at least 18 years old. Next, both of you must provide proof that you want to live together permanently. Additionally, you must show that any relationship with another person in the past has been resolved. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide evidence that you’ve been living together for two or more years in a relationship that looks like a marriage. Of course, both partners must have a sufficient amount of money to support themselves avoiding claims for public funds. Finally, you need adequate accommodation and knowledge of the English language.

An unmarried partner visa will last for 33 months for people that have applied overseas. If you apply within the United Kingdom it will last for 30 months. It is possible to extend this visa for 30 months. When you reach five years with this visa, you can apply for Indefinite to Remain in the United Kingdom. Obviously, you will still have to be in a relationship with the same partner and live together.

In case you want to enter the United Kingdom based on the fact that you are in a relationship with a settled person, you will have to ask for entry clearance prior to your arrival. Unmarried partner visa holders can switch this visa with leave to remain status that lasts more than 6 months.

Every civil partner, spouse, partner, prospective civil partner, and fiancé must prove that they are able to understand and speak English. There is a special English language test that you must pass. These tests are available through approved test providers. In case you and your spouse have kids who are under 18 years, then they can enter the UK on the basis of your relationship and visa.

Final thoughts

If you want to speed up and simplify the process of getting UK unmarried partner visa, then you should look for a professional help provided by agencies like us. We have everything you need to make this process simpler and faster.

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