UK Work Visa: How to Work in the UK Legally

UK Work Visa: How to Work in the UK Legally

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There is no doubt that the United Kingdom is one of the best countries for those looking to find a good job. After all, this is one of the reasons why thousands of foreign citizens are already working in this country. With a strong economy and openness to the world, the UK is a dream destination for skilled workers from different continents. If you want to work in the United Kingdom, you will need the UK work visa or at least a work permit in case you are coming from a non-European Economic Area country. The process of application for a visa like this or any other UK visa can be complex. The complexity depends on your current situation.

Getting familiar with UK work visa options

As we said before, there are cases when you need a work permit. In case you didn’t know a work permit is typically required for workers who want to work in the UK because they have already received an offer from a UK-based company with a Sponsor Licence. The same goes for workers who are relocated to the United Kingdom by their current employer. In addition, in case you have a skill or a set of skills that are in demand and in short supply in the UK (these skills are determined by the authorities), then there is a chance that you can get a work visa.

The eligibility of every worker to get a visa like this is based on the education, background, work history, qualifications and achievements of the applicant. Of course, there are some other requirements involved in the process too. The UK immigration system includes 5 different categories of visa and that’s why it is crucial to opt for the right kind of visa. In order to do this, you can talk to the authorities, your employer or even better consult immigration experts.

What every applicant should know is that there is a wide array of work permits for the United Kingdom. The right kind of application for you depends on your personal situation. For example, Tier 1 Visas come with a long list of sub-classes that let talented persons, investors and entrepreneurs to enter and stay in the UK. On the other hand, Tier 2 Visas have different sub-classes too. They are designed for workers who are moving from one country to the UK but staying with the same employer.

Regardless of the type of work visa or work permit you are interested in, you will still have to meet a certain number of pre-determined criteria in order to show that you are eligible to apply for such visa.

Do I need professional help?

The simple answer is yes. While it is true that you can finish this process on your own, it is highly recommended to use professional help. Our team that consists of seasoned professionals can help you apply for the UK work visa and guide you through this process.


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