UK Tier 2 Visa: What is this Visa all about?

UK Tier 2 Visa: What is this Visa all about?

UK Tier 2 Visa

In case a foreign citizen gets an offer for short or even long-term skilled employment in the United Kingdom, they may also apply for a UK Tier 2 visa.  So, a person has a job offer for any kind of skilled position in the United Kingdom and they are not citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, they can apply for this specific type of visa.

Everything you need to know about UK Tier 2 Visa

With the help of a UK Tier 2 Visa, you will get a chance to live and work legally in the United Kingdom, but only if you have an offer for permanent employment and the company/employer has stated that they will sponsor you.

Certain professions like teaching, healthcare, and engineering are in high demand in the United Kingdom and that’s why the process of getting visas for them is simpler. In case you are a professional with an occupation that is not in high demand in the UK, the employer you have selected will have to prove that they were not able to find a suitable, qualified person in the UK for that job position.

This type of visa is obtained based on points. Every applicant gets points based on certain criteria. These are the things that can bring you points – sponsorship, qualifications, English language skills, future potential earnings, and available funds. If you want to become eligible for a Tier 2 work permit, you will have to provide evidence for your qualifications. In addition, the offered salary must go over 30.000 GBP. However, the exact amount of money depends on the occupation.

UK Tier 2 Visa application is a 3-step process. First of all, the employer you have selected must apply to UK Visas and Immigration agency in order to get a sponsorship license. They will get a license after a thorough evaluation.

The sponsor that has been approved by the authorities will need to get a certificate of sponsorship. When this is finished, the non-UK worker may finally apply for the visa. In the end, the future employee will request a visa with the unique certificate of sponsorship number and evidence that they meet the specific criteria for obtaining this visa.

Using professional help to get UK Tier 2 Visa

As you can see, the process of getting this visa doesn’t look very complicated, but if you want to avoid any hassles and you want to accelerate this process to the maximum, it is the best idea to use professional help. We are here to help you in many ways. We can provide help to your employer/sponsor and to you. Our professionals will take care of the paperwork and submit applications and requests on your behalf. We will also provide useful advice to our clients. As long as you have a job offer for any skilled position in demand in the United Kingdom and you are not a citizen of the UK, the EEA, and Switzerland, we can help you get UK Tier 2 Visa.


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