uk investor visa

The United Kingdom is always looking for foreign investors who want to invest in its economy. That’s why they have decided to create a special category of visas for these people known as investor visa.

With this visa, wealthy people outside the UK who are ready to invest in the UK can get permission to enter and stay in the UK. The applicants must be ready to invest at least two million GBP in the United Kingdom. It’s good to know that getting a visa like this is much faster compared to getting other types of visas.

A few other things you should know about investor visa

Obviously, those who want to obtain an investor visa in the UK must meet certain requirements. First of all, they have to provide evidence that they have at least two million GBP. After that, they must invest for 5 years in the United Kingdom via UK government bonds, loan capital or shared capital in active, trading companies registered in the United Kingdom. Remember that investing in offshore companies doesn’t count.

It’s worth mentioning that the applicant doesn’t have to showcase business experience or even a strong knowledge of the English language. Nationals of specific countries like Russia, Nigeria, and China, for example, must take a TB test in order to become eligible to apply.

The United Kingdom expects the investors and the members of their closest family to have an intention to live in the UK. If you want to get permanent residency you can spend less than 180 days outside the UK per year. The investor visa lasts for 40 months. The investment must be conducted in the first three months after obtaining this visa. It is possible to extend this visa for additional two years, but only if you meet specific criteria.