uk entrepreneur visa

There are many different types of visas in the UK that can help foreign nationals with different activities in the UK. One of the most sought-after visas today is the entrepreneur visa. In its essence, the entrepreneur visa is a type of business visa that lets the holder move to the United Kingdom in order to do business. In case you’ve got an idea for a business venture that you want to bring and develop in the United Kingdom, this visa can help you realize this idea. An entrepreneur visa holder can launch a new business or manage an existing business in the UK. What makes this visa different than the other “work” visas is that it can help you settle in the UK and even get a British passport.
A few other things that you should know about entrepreneur visa
In order to become eligible for the entrepreneur visa, you have to show that you have access to 200.000 GBP. These funds can be yours or someone else’s but in that case, you must provide evidence that you have access to them. Next, you also have to meet specific English language requirements. There is also a financial maintenance requirement. Finally, you must show that you are a genuine entrepreneur. This means that you must prove that you are actually looking for a way to launch a business in the UK. Those who will get a visa like this should know that it lasts for 3 years.
Before the entrepreneur visa expires, it is possible to extend it. If you provide evidence that you have invested 200.000 GBP in your business, that your company was established in the first six months since you got the visa and that you have at least two employees, you can request an extension that can last 2 more years.