Permanent Residence Card

The process of leaving the EU is still on for the UK and with this process, many EEA nationals were left puzzled about their status. For instance, many of them are wondering whether they should get a UK permanent residence card. While it’s still not clear whether they will need it or not, there are some undoubted advantages of getting a card like this.
The Advantages of having a UK Permanent Residence Card
First and foremost, with a card like this, you will be able to apply for British citizenship and you won’t have to wait more than one year for that. Of course, you have to live in the UK in this period of time. People can’t apply for citizenship if they don’t have a permanent residence card.
Next, this card can also serve as a confirmation that you have the right to remain in the UK without any limitations. Although the modifications of immigration laws are still not finalized, you won’t have to prove anything if you have a permanent residence card once the UK leaves the EU.
Furthermore, holders of this card will allow their family to join or remain with them in the United Kingdom even if they are not qualified persons. For those who didn’t know, qualified persons is the European Economic Area citizen that lives in the UK and seeks a job, already has one, is self-employed, is self-sufficient or is a student.
There are two other main advantages of having a UK permanent residence card. First of all, it is possible to get social security benefits with this card. Second, if you have this card your children can become British citizens. This is something that supports the process of British citizenship application for children.