Learning more about health immigration surcharge

Learning more about health immigration surcharge

Learning more about health immigration surcharge

The term health immigration surcharge is not a new one. It was revealed back in April 2015 by the UK Government. According to the government, the reason why they have decided to include the health immigration surcharge is simple – they were interested in ensuring that citizens from non-EEA countries will make an adequate financial contribution to the National Health Service (NHS) based on the services they are allowed to use.

Who covers the health immigration surcharge?

Every UK visa applicant that is a citizen of any non-EEA country who wants to get a UK visa that lasts over six months has to pay this surcharge. In addition, the dependents that are part of the application must pay this surcharge too. Finally, the dependents of EEA citizens holding EEA permits will have to pay this surcharge too.

Health immigration surcharge rates

Applicants have to pay 200 GBP per year for this surcharge. The only exceptions are students who must pay 150 GBP per year. Whenever an applicant applies for a UK visa they must pay to cover the entire periods of stay for every application they make. This means that in case you want to get a Uk ancestry visa for 5 years, you should pay 1000 GBP.

A few other things you should know about health immigration surcharge

It is good to point out that visitor visas are not part of this surcharge. So, individuals who apply for this specific type of visa in order to visit the United Kingdom, don’t have to the surcharge because they are here for a relatively short period of time. In addition, individuals who apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) or UK citizenship don’t have to pay this surcharge.

There are a few other cases when people who want to stay in the United Kingdom don’t have to pay health immigration surcharge. Namely, dependents of members of Her Majesty’s Forces don’t have to pay these surcharges. Furthermore, individuals who apply under the destitute domestic violence concession which is part of the Home Office concession are exempt from this surcharge. Keep in mind that there are few other cases, but in order to learn more about them, you should contact our agency and talk to some of our experts in this field.

Whenever a person makes a UK Visa application, they must include a valid evidence of payment of the health immigration surcharge. Don’t forget that the amount that you must pay has to cover the complete period for the UK visa you are looking for. There is no opportunity to separate this payment in installments and pay them later. This is a mandatory payment which is part of the visa application. The good news is that in case your application for a visa is rejected, you will get a refund.

If you want to speed up this process and avoid any mistakes, it is highly recommended to use the help of a professional UK visa agent. We have the knowledge and experience that guarantees success whenever you need help with health immigration surcharge.

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