Immigration in the UK: A Basic Guide

Immigration in the UK: A Basic Guide

immigration in the UK

According to the latest statistics, the United Kingdom is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. This is quite natural because this country has a well-developed economy and there are many occupations that are in demand in the UK. Additionally, people can expect high-quality education in this country too. But, the desire to immigrate to the UK is not enough. The UK has a complex immigration system that can be very restrictive at times. Starting from 2008, immigration in the UK is possible only through the special tier system based on points.

Analyzing immigration in the UK

The abovementioned five-tier system was introduced as a tool that measures applicants’ ability to become eligible for a UK visa, be it study or work visa. The vast majority of visa applications related to work and the Tier 4 study visa applications are conducted via this special system.

In 2010, the authorities in the United Kingdom have introduced a set of changes to the immigration law. The reason was simple – they wanted to limit immigration to the United Kingdom. Now let’s check the five-tier visa system in the UK.

First of all, there is a Tier 1 Visa, a category that is focused on migrants with high value that are residents of non-EU and non-EEA countries. Most of the investors, entrepreneurs, and people with exceptional talents and skills are entering and staying in the UK with the help of this visa.

Next, there is a Tier 2 visa which is designed for skilled workers that come from non-EEA countries that have a job offer by a UK employer in the UK. This visa applies to skilled workers who are coming to the United Kingdom through an international company, skilled individuals in professions that are in demand in the United Kingdom, sportspeople and ministers of religion.

The list continues with Tier 3 visa which was created for workers with a low number of skills that can cover labor shortages. What is interesting is that the authorities have never issued visas like this which means that it is very unlikely that you will get a tier 3 visa.

The Tier 4 visa is focused on students that are over 16 years old and come from non-EEA countries. These students want to study in the UK and must have a secured place at a recognized UK educational establishment prior to the application process.

Finally, there is a Tier 5 Visa which represents a type of visa that comes with 6 sub-tiers of non-permanent workers – religious workers, charity, sporting, creative and the so-called youth mobility scheme.

Additionally, there are UK family visas, UK visitor visas, and UK business visas.

Additional info about UK immigration

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