Family visa the UK can help you keep your family together

Family visa the UK can help you keep your family together

Family visa the UK

In the last two decades, the United Kingdom has introduced a few different laws and regulations that have one objective – to help non-UK citizens keep their families together when they are in the United Kingdom legally. Thousands of people have used different family visa UK options to achieve this goal.

The different family visa options

A visa of this kind is available for individuals who want to visit family members that live in the United Kingdom. They need a family visitor status to achieve their goal. So, the Family Visitor type of visa is designed for citizens of countries that don’t belong to the European Economic Area and Switzerland. In other words, Swiss citizens and EEA citizens don’t need this kind of visa. With this visa, you can visit a family member that is already a British citizen who lives in the UK. The same goes for people that have Humanitarian Protection status or have been granted asylum in this country.

As we already mentioned, family members of UK nationals and settled individuals have are eligible to enter and visit their family members or even remain in the United Kingdom. Every child of a British citizen settled individuals and individuals who have a permission to settle in the United Kingdom and is under 18 years old, can apply for family visa. These individuals can use the VAF4 form to apply for a temporary visa. When they are granted access and get in the UK, they can also apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and even for citizenship.

Partners and children of migrants can also apply for UK visas. The same goes for partners and children of individuals that have been granted asylum in the United Kingdom even though they will need to file another type of application.

We should also mention that partners, including same-sex partners, unmarried, civil partners and wives and husbands, of any British citizen and so-called settled persons are also eligible to apply for to visit the United Kingdom, but only temporary. They will need to use VAF4A application form for this. It is possible for some of them to apply to settle in the country.

In the end, we should also point out that proposed civil partners and fiancées of both settled persons and British citizens can also apply to visit the country temporarily. In order to be eligible, both the British citizen/settled person and their partners must have clear intention to live together permanently in the United Kingdom.

Final thoughts

There are many different family visa UK options out there and each of them has specific characteristics. The process of getting a visa like this is not overly complicated and most people are getting these visas. Yet, if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, and you want to finish this procedure in the best possible way, it is the smartest option to look for professionals like us. We will use our knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you obtain a family visa.


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